Stories In Steel

Engraver's Ball

 Upon your request we will produce a legend in memory - Hand Carved in Steel - that will live to see and be﷯ seen by generations yet to come. It could be the cheapest firearm ever produced, but after being engraved with love and respect, it will immediately become a long-life memory of days that have gone, but are far from forgotten. Carved not in stone or wood but in a body of steel created by united workers in our United States, or from another part of the world, your ideas become a "Stories in Steel" original. The desire to embellish that special firearm often reflects one or more dispositions;
it might be the appreciation one has for uniqueness or, the desire for adding a personal touch, it might even be the need for that one-of-a-kind gift to mark achievement. Regardless of your intent or the reason, the goal of Stories In Steel is to provide our clients with premiere engraving services that support a positive experience from start to finish. Thank you for visiting Stories In Steel. Séan & Bonnie McVicker


Federal Firearms License